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About PearLco LLC:

PearLco LLC was previouly a Massachussetts based company named PearLco Woodworks that started in a residential garage in the early 1990's. We moved to industrial space in 1997. We had substantial growth from that location until December of 2007. We then moved the shop to a new state of the art facility in Seabrook, NH. In October of 2008 PearLco Woodworks had a name change as so did most of our services....PearLco LLC was born! While PearLco Woodworks, we specialized only in shop work. Today we have grown and not only still make cabinets, we are a full service general construction company. From small services of helping customers fix their broken furniture to project management of complexities such as complete craftsman style homes, we are here to help you solve your problems, meet your goals and make your overall everyday life during your project a warmer, more enjoyable experience when doing any home improvement project

We back this all up with our slogan: Really good work!!




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